Cross-country skiing around Ried in Oberinntal

Along with skiing and winter hiking, the winter sport regions in the Tyrolean Oberland have even more to offer. Cross-country skiing is becoming more and more popular since it is not just great for your body, but also for your heart and your mind too. Here with us in Ried im Oberinntal dreamy conditions for cross-country skiing are waiting for you.  A total of 120 km of well-tended cross-country slopes for classic cross-country and skating await. From leisurely to challenging routes – there is something for everyone.

Cross-country skiing with plenty of views in the Tyrol mountains

Cross-country skiing is one of the most popular winter sports, and not just among holiday-makers, many of the locals use this Alpine region to enjoy cross-country skiing too. In spite of the mountain formations being over 3000 m, the many winter sports regions and ski areas inspire with very well-tended cross-country slopes, the majority of which are also altitude slopes providing plenty of views. Whether it is skating or classic cross-country, one thing is always included – a breathtaking panorama to the impressive Tyrol mountains. 

Healthy sport. Cross-country skiing during a holiday in Tyrol

It is nothing new to talk about cross-country skiing being a healthy sport. The diagonal movement sequence during skating and also with the classic style trains almost every muscle in your body, increasing both strength and endurance. It also naturally strengthens your cardiovascular system and boosts your circulation. In comparison to speedy sports like skiing and snowboarding it is more gentle and easier on your joints. Thanks to the location of the majority of the slopes – between a snow-assured 1440 and 1900 m altitude – the training effect is further intensified, while the clarity of the mountain air naturally cleanses your lungs. If that doesn’t get you in the mood for cross-country skiing…?!

Cross-country slopes in the Tyrolean Oberland

In the Tyrolean Oberland you are right in the middle of a cross-country paradise. It is just a short drive to Kaunertal and to Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis, or you could even take the ski buses that are available. There are several opportunities to turn-off on these slopes, which means you get to set the length and intensity of your cross-country session to suit your needs. 

Cross-country slopes in Kaunertal

(ca. 15 km from the Hotel Linde)

  • Race slope: classic & skating; 2.5 km and 3 km; altitude difference: 34 m 
  • Kaunertal slope: classic & skating; 8.4 km; altitude difference: 62 m
  • Grasse slope: classic & skating; 4.5 km; altitude difference: 38 m 
  • Hubertus slope: classic; 6.3 km; altitude difference: 160 m
  • Harbe slope: classic & skating; 2 km; altitude difference: 35 m
  • Bärenbad slope: skating; 7 km; altitude difference: 130 m
  • Tschey slope (Pfunds): classic & skating; 2.90 km; altitude difference: 48 m
  • Gatter-Kajetansbrücke slope (Pfunds): classic; 4.70 km, altitude difference: 50 m
  • Maria Stein slope (Pfunds): classic; 5.50 m; altitude difference: 30 m

Cross-country slopes in the Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis region

(ca. 8 km from the Hotel Linde)

Slope tips for Fiss: 

  • Kleine Moos slope (floodlit)
  • Große Moos slope
  • Pardatsch slope 
  • Connecting slope new 
  • Schöngampalm cross-country route

Slope tips for Serfaus: 

  • Moos slope 
  • Matine slope 
  • Skating slope Moos
  • Laustal slope
  • Forest slope

We are happy to tell you about our personal favourite slopes. Just send us an enquiry or give us a call. To the contact details