Ski tours in the Tyrolean Oberland

You don’t just get to wedel down the pistes on your skis, you can scale the mountains on them too. While ski touring you get to discover the Tyrolean Oberland in a gentle, yet sporty, manner. With tour skis you can even reach higher lying summit crosses and mountain inns. And the best thing is that during the snow-abundant winter in Ried im Oberinntal you get to start directly from the Hotel Linde. Proceeding through forests and over fields, through unspoilt, snow-covered landscapes you get closer and closer to the skies above. 

© Kurt Kirschner
© Kurt Kirschner

Experience Tyrol‘s natural surroundings up close during a ski tour

The great thing about a ski tour is that you get to choose the route, duration and speed to suit your needs. Anyone who wants a good workout for instance might opt for short but steep tours.  While others who would prefer to experience nature up close and enjoy the panorama, might head out on a more extensive and more leisurely ski tour. Whatever your preference, the fresh Alpine air will really do you some good. And believe us, you will be inspired by the idyllic scenery and the snow-covered fields and mountain summits.

Tips for a perfect ski tour in Tyrol

So you enjoy a perfect ski tour and it is simply unforgettable, here are a few tips that might be helpful to know in advance. 

  • The right equipment: You should wear functional clothing that suits the weather conditions. You will sweat a lot going up the mountain, while as you proceed down the mountain and in the shade there might be a cool breeze. 
  • Sun cream for the Alpine area: Whether the sun is shining, or it is cloudy, the snow-covered landscape reflects the light, which means you can burn, even in the shade. 
  • Weather and avalanche report: Safety first – that is our maxim, which is why we recommend that every guest checks the weather and the avalanche risk before heading out on a ski tour.  
  • The right route: Select a route for your ski tour that suits your personal fitness level and the conditions on that day. For beginner ski tourers in particular the route is crucial, and ultimately it should be fun! Don’t overdo things. We are also happy to provide you with information about our favourite ski tours in the Tyrolean Oberland region. 

Guided ski tours with the experts

Anyone who heads out on ski tours must familiarise themselves with their equipment, technique and the weather and snow conditions. That is why a guided ski tour is recommended if you want to tackle the mountains on tour skis for the first time, or a still a little bit uncertain. The experts know exactly how and where to get to the loveliest viewing points in the Alps and can tailor a tour to suit your needs and your skill level. We are happy to help you with organising a guided ski tour.

© Kurt Kirschner
© Daniel Zangerl